Quality and food safety

Food safety and product quality are the highest priorities for Deva Nutrition focused on baby food production.

We are focused on the production of safe products, which due to their organoleptic properties, nutritional values and high standards of raw materials and packaging should satisfy the most demanding customers.

baby food jars

The highest quality is reached by

  • selection and control of all our suppliers and farmers of fresh fruit
  • production using fresh apples, fruit purees and concentrates without preservatives or artificial sweeteners
  • pasteurization process and by following the rules of Good Hygiene Practice and Good Production Practice
  • packing in glass jars, which are both safe as they prevent the undesirable penetration of chemicals into the products, and they are also environmentally friendly


Raw materials from controlled orchards

Our Quality – Your Safety

Raw materials sourcing

Raw materials for the manufacture of baby foods are selected with the highest care and purchased only from carefully selected, monitored and controlled suppliers.

GMO free

Heavy metals free

Pesticides free

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